Eagle Ford Housing Development Assistance

June 15, 2013

The team at KT Consulting International understands the challenges a developer faces when building in remote region and new market.  Not only is the site selection imperative, but also the construction cost, labor and schedule critical to the project’s success.

We offer the developer a “boots on the ground” construction management oversight.  And an immediate knowledge and education into a specific geographic area they are seeking to build.

Our integrated approach for all phases of development includes:

∞  Pre-Planning

∞  Development & Productivity of Construction

∞  Project Completion & Close-out

Services include:

· Turnkey Investor and Developer Services

· Project and Market Feasibility Studies

· Architectural and Engineering Design

· Site Selection & Infrastructure Planning

· Full Project & Construction Management

· Building Assessment, Commissioning, QA/QC

· Funds Management

· Pro forma and Financial Advisory

Serving the State of Texas, the US & International Locations

Texas Shale map


For further information please visit us at:

(954) 775-4595 Direct ♦

Info@KTConsultingIntl.com ♦

KTConsultingIntl.com ♦

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