Privacy Policy

The privacy of our users who visit our website is important to KT Consulting.  We do not request that our visitors submit any information to view or access this website.

  1. Submission of Information
    If you contact us through our website, you may submit personal information about yourself, such as your name, company name, telephone number or email address. In providing such data to KT Consulting you are agreeing that we may use it to respond to your request in a timely manner and with the precise information that you are requesting.  KT Consulting may retain, use or disclose this information as authorized or required by law, in such instances as it may be useful to 1. protect the rights and well being of KT Consulting personnel or to comply with any lawfully conducted investigation, or comply with applicable laws, regulations or statutes.  With those exceptions listed,  KT Consulting will not disclose your personal information without your express consent.
  2. Collection of Data
    While viewing the KT Consulting website, you agree that KT Consulting and/or its authorized vendors, may collect anonymous information from you which includes your browser platform, your computer operating system, the referring site, your viewing history while on the KT Consulting site, your visit duration and other such information. This anonymous information will be used for the purposes of administering and improving the site for our users. Also, while visiting the KT Consulting website, a “cookie” may be created so that our website may better reflect your particular preferences. No personally identifiable information is contained in this “cookie”.
  3. Hyperlinks
    KT Consulting does not warrant any services or results of associations of hyperlinks that may be shown on our website.  KT Consulting does not monitor or control these websites or hyperlinks. If a visitor to the KT Consulting site chooses to visit a third party website, we urge you to you to review that website’s privacy policy as it will differ from KT Consulting’s privacy policy.
  4. Resources
    All information contained within KT Consulting’s website from outside resources and information, including biographies and graphics, are provided with that party’s express permission.
  5. Amendments
    This privacy policy may change without notice.