Work Force & Remote Housing Development Assistance »

KT Consulting International offers full service temporary housing development assistance.  We understand the challenges a developer faces when building in remote region and new market.   Not only is the site selection imperative, but also the construction cost, labor and project schedule critical to the project’s success.  We offer the developer a “boots on the ground” management oversight.  And an immediate knowledge and education into a specific geographic area they are seeking to build.

We use an integrated approach for all phases of development:

  • Pre-Planning
  • Development & Productivity of Construction
  • Project Completion & Close-out

Services include: Turnkey Investor and Developer Services, Project and Market Feasibility Studies, Architectural and Engineering Design Assistance, Location, Site Selection and Infrastructure Planning Assistance, Full Project and Construction Management, Funds Management, Pro forma and Financial Advisory Services.

Project & Construction Management »

KT is committed to developing an individual solution that meets each unique project’s specific requirements. We have assembled numerous options for specific services during preconstruction, construction, and post construction/completion phases.

Preconstruction Services include:

  • Site acquisition assistance
  • Design Team Assembly and Management
  • Value engineering and constructability review
  • Construction cost estimation
  • Budget preparation or evaluation
  • Master Schedule Development
  • Bid Process Development and Contractor Evaluation
  • Construction Contract Negotiation
  • Contractor and Subcontractor Scope Development
  • Contractor and Subcontractor Buyout

Construction Phase Services include:

  • Construction Schedule Development
  • Bi Monthly in depth Schedule Updates
  • Construction progress evaluation
  • Financial controls management
  • Quality control monitoring
  • Payment Requisition reviews and reconciliation
  • Change order review
  • Preparation of comprehensive project status reports
  • Early identification of project delaying issues with early resolution options
  • Weekly meetings with all parties to discuss progress and review issues
  • Commissioning
  • Real-time profit/loss assessment

Completion & Project Close-out Services:

  • Punch list compilation and completion
  • Substantial and final completion certification
  • Occupancy certification through local regulatory authorities
  • Commissioning oversight
  • Coordination of as-built drawings
  • Procurement of final releases
  • Final payment authorization

Owner’s Representation »

Owners Representation available in:

  • Design Team Assembly and Management
  • Master Schedule Development
  • Value engineering and constructability reviews
  • Acquire permits and entitlements
  • Construction cost estimation
  • Budget preparation or evaluation
  • Bid Process Development and Contractor Evaluation
  • Construction Contract Negotiation
  • Contractor and Subcontractor Scope Development
  • Pre Screen potential Subcontractors
  • Contractor and Subcontractor Buyout
  • Schedule and Lead scheduled progress meetings and “as needed” meetings
  • Conduct in depth Bi-Monthly schedule updates
  • Review and evaluate change orders and pay applications
  • Review and evaluate claims in real time
  • Monitor Design Team Contract Administration
  • Continually identify and resolve potential construction delaying issues
  • Obtain Final Completion Certificates
  • Coordinate project Close-out

Property/Asset/Facilities Management Advisory Services »

KT Consulting International offers its clients Real Estate Management expertise through its real estate operations division whose principals offer over 50 year’s experience in the investments and property management specialty. The real estate operations division customizes its teams in conjunction with the project’s specific needs. Our focus is maximizing limited resources to deliver value to our clients’ portfolios.

Our variety of resources ranging from top managers, leasing and lease-up specialists, to management software experts, LEAN property management and process management, to budgeting and financial analysts, to auditors and compliance specialists. We have certified members for low income tax projects; Hud, Section 8, and Bond Financed projects.

We can quickly implement and supply a full management and leasing staff directly to the project as a start-up team on new acquisitions or for our clients interim oversight needs.

Our services include:

  • Startup Teams
  • Owner’s Representative
  • Vetting & Training of Employees
  • Temporary placement
  • Interim Management Team
  • Budgets & Financial Analysis Setup
  • Compliance & Audits
  • LEAN Process Management for Cost Reduction
  • Policy & Procedures Manuals

KT Consulting’s Leasing and Property & Asset Management services are available to assist Corporations, Developers, National Management Companies, Owners, Real estate companies, and Institutions in achieving annual increased bottom-line profits.

Building Assessment & Evaluation »

Building / Complex Assessment and Evaluation Services

Our Associates use a detailed approach to determining our clients’ risk by dispatching a team of individual trade experts whom are well versed in all phases of construction. Our team forensically inspects existing buildings, communities and developments to return the information to the estimating department for review.

We estimate and deliver a detailed cost breakdown of work required, enabling our clients to obtain a confident decision on a potential acquisition.

Building Assessment & Evaluation Services include:.

  • On-site Field Inspection Service
  • Complete Cost-Estimating Service
  • Complete Construction Management (Owner’s Rep)
  • Pre-construction Planning and Coordination
  • Decision Risk Analysis
  • Vetting of Contractors and Vendors
  • On-site Owner Field Representation
  • Construction Scheduling and Site Management
  • Construction Close-out

Construction Monitoring and Funds Management Services »

  • Construction Monitoring and Funds Management Services

Scheduling Services »

KT specializes in using state of the art scheduling techniques to improve the overall performance of the project. The KT group of professionals’ keen understanding of construction techniques to assist in the development, monitoring and analysis of the construction schedule. Our associates are proficient in P5/P6, P3 and Suretrak; having utilized Primavera products for more then 30 years.

Additionally KT utilizes CPM scheduling; our experienced group will develop, analyze, monitor and update project schedules and other project reporting procedures. Each CPM schedule developed can be customized to our clients’ specific needs.

KT uses industry standard scheduling methods and software, this allows KT to report the progression of construction project’s position accurately and up to date so that any project events and any potential problems can be identified and corrective action taken.

Our associates also can design and implement a Construction Master and preliminary schedule, KT can evaluate construction acceleration of a project, Time delays and impact, Schedule delays, disruptions and Construction productivity losses.

Estimating Services »

Complete Construction Estimating

Having an accurate estimate is crucial to a successful capital investment venture. Our professional expertise in estimating will help drive the decision making process.

Our in-house teams of individual “trade experts” contribute to the overall accuracy of every budget and estimate we produce. Additionally, we evaluate geographical logistics, including trade differentials based on locality, and apply those factors into each individual project estimate. The estimate compilations are detailed, conclusive and easy for our clients to evaluate, making them invaluable. Our estimate will provide assurance that investments are properly funded and the project can move forward without delay.

Litigation Support & Expert Services »

Our litigation support services offer forensic analysis and expert consultation in architecture, engineering, design and construction claims. Our rigorous fact-finding approach and clearly communicated findings are backed up by credibility that is evident from the hands on experience of our design practice. In many cases the testimony of a key expert witness can be the difference between winning and losing a dispute.

Services include:

• Review and analysis of drawings, specifications and construction documents
• Engineering analysis of buildings, structures and architectural components
• Construction compliance reviews and evaluation of as-built conditions
• Field investigation including visual surveys and invasive testing
• Clear and concise reports with photographic and detailed illustrations
• Evaluation of cause and extent of damage and determination of liability
• Preparation of remedial repair recommendations and costs of repair
• Research current and past building code conformance
• Review manufacturer’s installation requirements and specifications
• Assist with Case Discovery
• Advise on Construction / Contract Standards
• Expert Reporting & Testimony
• Design Multimedia Presentations
• Prepare Trial Graphics and Exhibits

When it is crucial that your litigation team have the support of industry leading professionals, allow KT to provide you with the advantages you and your clients may need.