Owner Investor QUESTION and ANSWER session by KT Consulting

December 9, 2010

Constructive Vision Delivers Results

Question: Do the majority of Owner/Investors know what they want out of their investment?

ANSWER: Yes a positive return.

Question: When deciding whether to proceed on a construction development project, what mistakes do the majority of Investors make?

ANSWER: The investors fail to plan properly to develop “real cost” to construct.
ANSWER: Failure to completely understand the owner’s role in the development process.
ANSWER: Failure to develop a realistic time evaluation or master development schedule.

Question: What should be the Owner/Investors first decision?

ANSWER: Seek out a professional Owner’s Representation qualified to prepare constructability, cost estimating analysis and master development scheduling.

Hence, The majority of Owner/Investors “get it,” however many continue to make the same critical mistakes, resulting in lost time and money, which can be avoided by seeking out a Qualified Owner’s Representation. The best results in any investment are produced by understanding what the investor is trying to achieve. This is a result found only through acquiring the proper experts to implement your investment plan and manage it properly.

Kenny Tsakanikas, Executive VP, KT Consulting

Kenny Tsakanikas
Executive Vice President
KT Consulting

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