As a construction consulting organization project types include:

  • Multi-family
  • Work Force & Remote Housing
  • Hospitality
  • Condominium
  • Resort
  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Residential
  • Federal, State and Municipal Governments and Agencies
  • Critical Mission Facilities and Data Centers

FOCUS: KT Consulting International assists its clients in assuring the achievement of timely, cost-effective, quality solutions to construction challenges. This process is achieved through proactive planning of services including:

Project & Construction Management »

KT is committed to developing an individual solution that meets each unique project’s specific requirements. We have assembled numerous options for specific services during preconstruction, construction, and post construction/completion phases.

  • Pre-construction Services
  • Construction Phase Services
  • Completion & Project Close-out Services

Owner’s Representation »

Owners Representation to assist with:

  • Design Team Assembly and Management
  • Master Schedule Development
  • Acquire permits and entitlements
  • Construction cost estimation
  • Budget preparation or evaluation
  • Contractor and Subcontractor Buyout
  • Review and evaluate change orders and pay applications
  • Continually identify and resolve potential construction delaying issues
  • Obtain Final Completion Certificates
  • Coordinate project Close-out

Building Assessment & Evaluation »

Building / Complex Assessment and Evaluation Services

Our Associates use a detailed approach to determining our clients’ risk by dispatching a team of individual trade experts whom are well versed in all phases of construction. Our team forensically inspects existing buildings, communities and developments to return the information to the estimating department for review.

We estimate and deliver a detailed cost breakdown of work required, enabling our clients to obtain a confident decision on a potential acquisition.

Construction Monitoring and Funds Management Services »

  • Construction Monitoring and Funds Management Services

Delay Claims Analysis & Disputes »

Our Services include:

  • Claims Analysis
  • Time Impact Claims and Evaluation
  • Schedule Disputes
  • Schedule Acceleration Claims and Analysis
  • Damage and Forensic Assessment Evaluation
  • Litigation Preparation
  • Expert Testimony/Witness
  • Insurance Claims and Analysis

KT offers a unique, collective approach utilizing a group of our associates to determine damages associated with all claims and disputes.

As part of our claims assessment service, we pool the advice of several key players to determine the correct course of action and end result.